Portable Crusher

Mobile crushing station for crushing, fine crushing and screening system, is an independent operation group, but also can be flexible to establish joint operation system configuration. The side discharge hopper of the portable mobile crushing station provides a variety of configuration flexibility, which is used to screen the material conveying mode. The integrated unit configuration can be configured with the workflow system in addition to the diesel generator set for the power supply of the machine. For the power supply of the combined unit, the maintenance is convenient and the performance is reliable.

Mobile crushing station parking space is high, the width of the body is less than the trailer operation, turning radius is small, easy to drive on ordinary highways, more convenient to drive in the broken field area, the road surface is strong and harsh environment. Quick access to websites saves time. The construction area of portable mobile crushing station is more conducive to reasonable entry, which provides more flexible space and reasonable layout and configuration for the whole crushing process. The purpose of the design concept is to eliminate the location of debris field for customers, and take the environmental barriers of customers as the main solution of crushing operation. Truly provide customers with cost-effective project hardware facilities operation.

The portable crushing equipment is fixed as a whole

Choose the position of the portable crusher work site, to be prepared for the scene, after open the portable crusher to the appropriate location, outstretched legs set lifting portable crusher, dug fixed below the leg, the size of the hole according to the local soil, depending on the loose soil area and greater depth, and then the leg bolt activity in the coupling of fixed legs, at the bottom of the concrete foundation pit, until the concrete Settings, adjust the concrete surface make crushing plant to support more stable, the final leg take the elevator. It is only necessary to add proper sleepers and other auxiliary support tools in the body to achieve sufficient stability.

The introduction of portable crusher eliminates heavy steel structure crushing structure, foundation, and saves a lot of time. Portable crusher can directly select the site, directly to the site, no transportation, directly to the size of the finished product. It is especially suitable for small gymnasiums with broken construction waste and broken construction waste. Mobile crushing station also greatly reduces the investment cost, but improves the investment income. Portable crushing equipment initiative is good, it can be extended with the raw material or construction site, no transportation, can be directly formed, can also be a variety of combinations, according to the type of raw material processing, scale and finished products of different USES of the material requirements have a variety of configurations, to meet the needs of different materials. The working process of mobile crushing station is smooth, reliable, easy to operate, efficient and energy-saving.


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New products development is a key part of Zenith culture since it was founded. Zenith R&D team is made of 78 senior engineers. The top seven engineers are winners of special central government allowance, which are for the outstanding contribution in science and technology.

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New products development is a key part of Zenith culture since it was founded. Zenith R&D team is made of 78 senior engineers.