Cone Crusher Maintenance

Cone Crusher Maintenance

In recent years, as the economy gradually deepening and infrastructure development, mining machinery industry usher in a golden period of development. In so many mining machinery and equipment, the development of cone crusher is the most rapidly. Combined with international advanced technology, cone crusher has been completely out of low productivity, high energy consumption, resource utilization inadequate shortcomings. Of course, except for a small workshop producing some backward cone crusher. When the cone crusher operation, pay attention to feeding and discharge machining.

Cone crusher feed

  1. Wait crushed material must meet the specified range cone crusher. The moisture content of the material should not exceed 15%, thereby preventing clogging of the inlet or pasting machine.
  2. Ordered the feed should be uniform, which is crushed in order to improve effectiveness and efficiency.
  3. When the feeding is to check whether there is a metallic material inside the machine, thus protecting bearings and parts.

Cone crusher discharge

  1. In order to ensure the smooth flow of the discharge port, thus preventing blockage caused severe overload device discharge.
  2. egularly check discharge conditions. Once you find the finished feed size is not recognized as a requirement and timely solutions. More importantly, you should also check the wear condition of the hammer and liner tension and V bands, which use a specific method to solve the problem during the operation Cone Crusher found.

Mining machinery and mining equipment manufacturers must continue to meet the needs of the market, in order to achieve long-term stable development. Our cone crusher with advanced technology, in addition, other mining machinery and equipment, by the types of customers compared to fully functional. In the mining economy, cone crusher must continue to innovate and change, so as to promote the development of mining machinery industry. Continue to progress will not be eliminated by the market.


New products development is a key part of Zenith culture since it was founded. Zenith R&D team is made of 78 senior engineers. The top seven engineers are winners of special central government allowance, which are for the outstanding contribution in science and technology.

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New products development is a key part of Zenith culture since it was founded. Zenith R&D team is made of 78 senior engineers.