Hard Rock Impact Crusher Equipment

Hard Rock Impact Crusher Equipment

Increasing hard rock impact crusher equipment impact durability method

Hard rock impact crusher equipment in mining equipment is a universal and efficient impact crusher, widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials and other departments. The impact crusher is subjected to huge crushing force and friction of materials, and is easy to wear. In order to protect the jaw plate, a wear-resistant lining plate is generally installed on the surface of the movable jaw and the fixed jaw, which is also known as a counterattack. When working, the counter-attack plate wears faster than the upper part due to the action of gravity, and bears a huge crushing force and friction of the material. On the other hand, since the impact crusher is directly in contact with the material, it often fails quickly due to wear and tear. Not only does it reduce the work efficiency, but it also increases the material cost. Therefore, the durability of the impact crusher is extremely important. The following are some effective improvements for the durability of the hard rock counter-crusher equipment impact crusher:

1. Structure and material selection. At design time, the counterattack should have a tooth peak to the valley of the tooth. In this way, in addition to the extrusion effect on the material during the crushing, there is also a bending effect, and the material is relatively easy to be broken. In order to prolong the service life of the impact crusher, the impact crusher for small and medium-sized hard rock counter-attacks is designed to be vertically symmetrical. When the lower part is worn, the adjustable head is used, and the impact crusher of the large hard rock counter-crusher device is designed to be symmetrical with each other. In order to wear, the impact crusher can be exchanged to reduce the cost.

2. When assembling and assembling the counterattack board. The impact crusher must be firmly attached to the jaw plate, and the two should be leveled. The soft metal (such as lead, zinc, etc.) should be used as a gasket between the impact crusher and the jaw plate, and fastened with bolts. When the hard rock is counter-attacked, the counter-attack should not be loose, otherwise it will easily break or wear the counter-attack and reduce the service life of the counter-attack. Therefore, the impact crusher must be installed during assembly to extend the service life of the impact crusher.

3. Improve the process during actual use to extend the durability of the counterattack. In the actual production process, the impact crusher directly interacts with the material, and the crushing force is very large. Especially when the material with high hardness is broken, the bolts vibrating due to the increase of the crushing force and the hard rock counter-attacking the impact crusher, the nut is loosened, and the impact crusher is made. The wear is intensified and generates great noise, causing hidden dangers. In severe cases, the impact crusher falls off or breaks to stop the equipment and affect normal production. In this case, usually only tighten the bolts and nuts before starting the machine. However, the problem cannot be completely solved. It is necessary to analyze the specific problems according to the actual situation on the spot and find ways to solve the problem in a practical way. For example, a spring anti-loose vibration damping device can be used to solve the looseness of the impact crusher during work, thereby prolonging the durability of the impact crusher and improving work efficiency. The specific method is to use a spring to make the bolt anti-loose and self-tightening device. The device is composed of an inner spring gland, a spring and an outer spring gland. The device is put on the bolt to tighten the nut, because the spring is pressed by the nut to a certain extent. After that, a strong anti-vibration effect is produced, and the bolt loose power generated by the huge crushing force is automatically compensated by the spring tensioning force, so the bolt is not loosened, thereby prolonging the durability of the hard rock counter-attacking impact crusher and improving the production efficiency.

The above points are simple to increase the durability of the counterattack board from the aspects of hard rock counter-attacking structure selection, assembly and improvement of the process during use. In short, in the actual use process, specific analysis can be carried out for specific situations, and appropriate and effective methods are adopted to improve work efficiency.


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New products development is a key part of Zenith culture since it was founded. Zenith R&D team is made of 78 senior engineers.