Impact Crusher Bearing

Impact Crusher Bearing

Bearing installation for impact crusher

Guide: Bearings are an indispensable part of mining machinery, and their service life has received more and more attention. Therefore, for impact crusher equipment, the bearings must be carefully installed for misalignment and strong vibration.

If the bearing of the impact crusher is not centered, not only the bead marks on the bearing slide, but also the unevenness of the ball wear marks, and the deflection is also caused. When the radial clearance on both sides of the bearing is checked by the feeler gauge, the difference will be different. Larger. The cause of this failure: it may be that the outer ring of the bearing is directly struck with the iron hammer; the belt is pulled too tightly; the center line of the driving wheel and the driven wheel are not parallel. When the deflection is greater than 1/1000, it will cause The running temperature of the bearing is too high, the slide and the ball are seriously worn, and the bending of the rotating shaft and the pressing surface of the end cap bolt are not perpendicular to the axis of the bolt.

Let's analyze the correct installation method of the bearing: the steel tube sleeve with smooth end surface and almost the same thickness as the inner ring of the bearing is pressed against the correct position of the clean journal. The force should be even when pressed, not too strong. Then check the allowable yaw value of the radial end of the shaft according to the different speeds of the motor.

In addition, the bearings need to be careful if they are strongly vibrated. When the motor core is faulty, the bearing will vibrate strongly. Cause: The iron core is deformed by heat; the motor bearing is aging; the bending and bending deformation of the shaft is large; the end cap tightening bolt is loosened due to vibration; the foundation is not strong and the bearing is vibrated. Prevention method: the iron car is small, soak the surface of the silicon steel sheet and the gap opened with silicon organic varnish 1052; replace the new bearing of the same type; exit the bending part of the rotor core straightening shaft; adopt 180бу symmetry method; tighten the end cover Bolt; reinforcement foundation, tighten anchor bolts.

All in all, careful bearing installation is not centered and strong vibration, and daily operation and maintenance can effectively extend the service life of the bearing.


New products development is a key part of Zenith culture since it was founded. Zenith R&D team is made of 78 senior engineers. The top seven engineers are winners of special central government allowance, which are for the outstanding contribution in science and technology.

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New products development is a key part of Zenith culture since it was founded. Zenith R&D team is made of 78 senior engineers.