Impact Crusher Working Time

Impact Crusher Working Time

Extend the working time of the impact crusher

In the process of working on the impact crusher, if the working time can be increased to increase the production capacity and help to obtain better benefits, here is how to increase the working time without affecting the life.

The application of impact crusher in the crushing production line often faces the extension of working time. We all know that the working time of each type of machine is specific. If it is extended arbitrarily, it will increase the working load of the machine, which is easy to cause. Damage, which is not cost-effective for production, but extending working hours can increase production capacity and help achieve good results. This is very tempting for customers, so how can we extend the impact crusher within a reasonable range? What is the working time?

The first point is to ensure the excellent feeding of the impact crusher. This mainly refers to the processing of large pieces of material before it can be used as the raw material for the production of the equipment, ensuring that the quality of the feed is very good for the service life of the machine. With great help, after ensuring the feeding, the various components of the impact crusher should be adjusted according to the nature of the materials, so as to keep the equipment in a safe and stable working state during production, and help the equipment to better complete the materials. Processing to achieve better efficiency;

The second point: regular protection for the crusher crushing equipment, because it will be affected by friction during production, daily protection work can reduce wear and help to work better, the maintenance of the equipment mainly includes the following contents : Regular lubrication and inspection of the wear of various parts, timely inspection of the problems that occur to prevent the occurrence of greater damage;

The third point: When the impact crusher is in production, it will inevitably encounter the condition of replacing parts, so we must do the inventory work of the parts so that when needed, it can be replaced in time, which will not affect the production efficiency. Parts that need to be stored generally include counterattacks, liners, etc.;

The above is mainly about the impact crusher when working, extending its working time can increase efficiency, bring better benefits to production, and the increase of workload will cause equipment damage, so the main analysis here is how A method of extending working hours without affecting the service life.


New products development is a key part of Zenith culture since it was founded. Zenith R&D team is made of 78 senior engineers. The top seven engineers are winners of special central government allowance, which are for the outstanding contribution in science and technology.

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New products development is a key part of Zenith culture since it was founded. Zenith R&D team is made of 78 senior engineers.