Vertical Roller Mill

Vertical Roller Mill

Vertical roller mill used in metallurgy, electric power, coal vertical mill cement industry of coal preparation; for non-metallic mineral grinding mill vertical mine; for industrial flue gas desulphurization and waste utilization of ultra-fine vertical mill; applicable cement production of vertical raw mill and other dozens of specifications, our industrial mill output and lower to resolve, energy consumption and higher technical problems, absorbing the European advanced technology combined with their years of design and manufacture of advanced mill concept and market demand , after years of painstaking design of improved large-scale grinding equipment. The technical, economic indicators have reached the international advanced level.

Vertical roller mill safety and high reliability. Because the chamber without rolling mill, no screws, so the question bearing and seal vulnerability does not exist, screw loosening and destruction of machine problems do not exist. Vertical roller mill wearing parts and long service life. Roller, grinding ring forging made using special materials, so that the degree of utilization is greatly improved. Under the same materials and fineness of the case, than the impact crusher and turbine crusher wear parts 2-5 times longer life, usually up to one year, processing of calcium carbonate, calcite time, life up to 2 - 5 years. Vertical roller mill with pulse filter to capture dust, use a muffler to reduce noise, with environmental protection, clean features. It uses convenient impeller adjusting device, so that the gap size separator portion of the blade and the casing can be easily and quickly adjusted.

Vertical roller mill used in metallurgy, electric power, coal preparation industry vertical cement mills (pulverizers); the role of the separator blades, powder, do not meet the needs of particles fall into the disc regrinding. However, meeting the standard of the input pulses powder dust collected by the air separator. Powder collected final product. Iron and other impurities mixed material, because it is difficult grinding and large gravity through the edge of the disc, it can not be taken away airflow, fall into the lower chamber mill, it was sent by the blade and the discharge outlet scum outside host.

Vertical roller mill application

Special steel mills, power plants, cement plants, large output of coal preparation and coal gangue powder production. Dedicated power plant desulfurization limestone powder, non-metallic mineral industries of various hardness hundreds of large-scale ore powder production preparation; special steel plant and blast furnace slag water slag, ash and slag grinding plant; special quartz glass fiber industry, large leaf wax powder production milling fineness; production of special chemical production of various types of chemical raw materials powder. Other hundreds of industries to prepare a large meal for industrial production of various types of materials. While grinding slag powder and cement clinker grinding way, there are good prospects for development.


New products development is a key part of Zenith culture since it was founded. Zenith R&D team is made of 78 senior engineers. The top seven engineers are winners of special central government allowance, which are for the outstanding contribution in science and technology.

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New products development is a key part of Zenith culture since it was founded. Zenith R&D team is made of 78 senior engineers.